Avery House Annexes Venerable, to become Avery House South

"Due to the undergraduate housing shortage caused by the influx of students in the class of 2027, we have made an executive decision to temporarily relocate Venerable House to the basement of the Holliston parking garage," director of undergraduate housing Joe Bennethum revealed on June 5.

"After the office of undergraduate admissions warned us of the large incoming class size, we decided to expand Avery House into the building formerly known as Venerable. We will hold a rededication ceremony on June 17 to celebrate the annexation," Avery Chancellor Parul Singh declared.

"We have installed hospital beds, a shower, and an air conditioning unit in the new Holliston garage dwelling space to accommodate Vens during this transitory period. Unfortunately, the murals on the walls of Venerable House cannot be transported, and will have to be erased by June 16 to avoid a $1000 fine per mural."

We reached out to Venerable house for comment, and Venerable President Emily Choe added that "My house will never be as cool as Avery House, and I wish I were dead."

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